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Welcome to the colourful world of Tuga SUP. Our boards are as unique as the paddlers who ride them!
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Passion. It is an emotion that we understand well here at Tuga. It cannot be measured or seen but it is what fuels our desire to do our best so that you can do yours on the water. We are fully committed to delivering the highest quality and service to those who chose our boards as the craft to pursue their passion.

To transmit our love for the sport and our commitment to service, we work with one of the best networks of specialty retailers in the industry. Through them, we can connect with paddlers and help them experience our products. It also allows us to get the feedback we need every season to make our boards stronger, lighter, and faster.

Whether you want to go farther, go faster, get fitter, or land that trick you’ve been training for – we will be there for you, working just as hard to make the boards and paddles you need to continue on your quest. It is that endless thirst to improve that bonds us. And it is the reason we take so much pride in being the link between you, and nature.


You can now see our 2016 catalog! To download just click ‘Download Catalog’…

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