Tuga SUP Coiled Leash

Length: 10’

Description: Always keep your board handy! Even if you wipe out on a wave, you will not have to worry about losing your board. The Tuga SUP 10’ Coiled Leash is as resistant as they come.

Price: $24.99

Tuga SUP Travel Bag

Dimensions: 10’6” Length x 36” Wide x 6” Thick

Description: Take care of your board when you move around by protecting it with the Tuga SUP Travel Bag.  This bag will comfortably fit all of our board models except for the Pacifier.

Bag Features:

  • Padded side walls that protect the board from impact.
  • Tarpee lining on the inside to prevent the outside of the bag from becoming wet or moist.
  • Ventilation eyelets to allow for air circulation and avoid extreme heat conditions.
  • Heavy-duty coil zip.

Price: $149.99

TugaTech Paddle Bag

Dimensions: Made to fit the TugaTech Adjustable Carbon Fibre Paddle.

Description: Our TugaTech paddles are incredibly enduring, but we understand that accidents happen. That’s why its always wise to take care of your paddle outside of the water with the TugaTech paddle bag.

Price: $15.99

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