Board Care


Learning how about proper board care is so important! Paddle boards can last forever, if cared for properly. However, they are delicate and can be damaged if neglected. The most common ways people crack their boards are when they are transporting them in and out of the water. Be very carefully around docks – running into them can cause serious damage to your board! Board care is essential when transporting or storing your SUP.

Board Care Tips:

  • When you carry your board, avoid setting it down on concrete or hard unprotected surfaces.
  • Store your board in a cool place and away from direct sunlight.
  • Do not leave your board wrapped in the bubble wrap in comes in! Epoxy becomes soft at 60 degrees Celsius. Leaving your board in plastic wrap can cook the board and deform it from the inside.
  • Avoid paddling in shallow or rocky areas.
  • Consider using a flex fin instead of a hard fin. Flex fins absorb the impact better than a hard fin if you were to hit it against something. This reduces potential damage to the fin box.

If you follow these preventive measures and check your board frequently for cracks, your board will be fine. Take care of your board and when in doubt, visit your local surf shop.

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