How We Are Made

How Our Boards Are Made

The technologies and materials we use today are significantly more advanced than the ones we started out with. Currently, we design our boards using 3D technology. Once the boards are perfectly shaped, we laminate them using the finest inputs in the industry.

We always try to reduce the amount of synthetic materials we use by replacing them with natural ones such as natural bamboo veneer. We use 6oz Fibreglass Cloth and Balsa Wood stringer coated with EPOXY resin. We use low-density Expanded Polystyrene blanks to make our boards as light as possible. We also add a Carbon-Fibre cloth reinforcement along the high-impact parts of the rails to make our boards even more resistant.


Our 2016 race line and river surf boards are laminated with 6oz Twill Weave Carbon Fibre, and we are currently trying out PVC and Polycarbonate composites to shape our new generation of performance SUPs.

All of our boards come with a traction pad, built-in handle for easy carrying and a built-in air vent valve. You can find the vents near the centre of the board. The vent helps release pressurized air from inside of the EPS foam core. Pressure can increase or drop based on elevation, sunlight and other conditions. The vent prevents the board from becoming overly pressurized inside and increases the durability of your board.

Shaping in 3D allows us to push the limits as we get to run hydrodynamic tests on our computers, which shows us how the board will behave on the water before it is shaped. The software is really advanced and allows us to design our boards with incredible precision that would be very hard to achieve by hand.  We don’t leave it all up to the machines though, we hand finish all of our boards to ensure they each have the essence of our design and iron out any imperfections. As a result, our boards are a marriage of science and art.


We use the highest-grade materials in the industry – we stand by our product offering a 1 year manufacturers defect warranty!  

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