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La Turista

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11’6 x 29 1/2″ x 4 1/2″
12’6″ x 30″ x 5 1/2″

La Turista’s” shape is the beautiful brainchild of a race board and a flatware board. The result is a displacement hull board with a touch more of width and a double concave bottom to increase its stability.

This board caters to the more experienced paddler. Because it is so fast and stable, it invites you to take those longer, more daring paddles – doing so, you will discover more of nature and you will push your own envelope farther out every time you paddle.

La Turista comes in 11’6″ and 12’6″ – the 12’6″ version is so fast that it is used in SUP races already. The 11’6″ version is slightly more manoeuvrable and therefore more versatile. Both shapes come in single extra long fin to reduce the drag of the side fins and give more stability to its narrower body.

As with all other Tuga boards, La Turista comes loaded with extras, including the Paddle Bungee, FCS GoPro mount on the nose and nose and tail cargo bungees.

La Turista is a breakthrough board that combines the glide of a racing board with the stability of an all-around board.

The narrow nose section cuts through the water while its rails and double concave bottom give it incredible stability.

It comes equipped with 2 bungee cords, our own Paddle Bungee® and an FCS insert at the top to install a GoPro, GPS or light.

La Turista is so fast, it can comfortably be used for racing and touring. It is a great board for the more evolved paddler.

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