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12’6″ x 26″
14′ x 26″
14′ x 24″

We have been studying the SUP race scene for years – patiently waiting on the sidelines analyzing the physics and hydrodynamics of the boards on the water. With time, we’ve learned what makes them go fast, and, with this board, we have taken a all-in bet to go faster than the pack.

Amongst the board’s unique features are its aggressive piercing nose, a prolonged keel and a single-concave towards the tail. The board is built on our extra light EPS blank laminated with 6 OZ Twill Weave Carbon Fibre – same composite used to make Porsche vehicle parts. The board was designed using the most advanced shaping software in the industry and it is shaped to perfection by our state-of-the-art cutting machine to ensure exact accuracy and precision. The board comes in 12’6″ x 26″, 14″ x 26″, and 14′ x 24″.

The nose of the board is sharp and piercing – the contours of the board around the nose have been specifically designed to keep the nose above water even when piercing through the chop or descending down the face of a wave. The prolonged keel will help cutting through the chop without slowing down the board.

The centre of the board is fully flat in order to add extra stability over the recessed deck. From the centre, the board has hard rails running towards the tail. The water that is displaced by the nose of the board runs under the centre of the board and gets funnelled towards the single-concave at the tail. The single-concave is a truly unique feature in racing this year as it helps the water exit the board and reduce the drag.

This board is fast, try to catch it at a podium near you this season!


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