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7’2″ x 30″ x 5″
8’2″ x 33″ x 5″

Over the last few years we have witnessed the evolution of the sport as athletes tackle new frontiers and push the limits of SUP Surfing. As a result of their fearless quest for amazing waves, a new breed of surfer has emerged – the river SUP surfer. Its also no surprise that given the sheer number of rivers and our paddling culture, some of the best SUP River Surfers in the world are right here in Canada.

Building a board for waves that have never been surfed before is a challenge. Lucky for us, our friend and colleague Igor Goni is an expert river SUP Surfer and together we were able to create the ultimate board for river waves.

The SnapBack was designed using one of the most advanced shaping softwares in the world. It is hand finished and laminated with 2 layers of Carbon Fibre. We use wanted this board to be as durable as it is fun.


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The board has an aggressive rocker to negotiate steep drops or sudden changes in water flow. The nose is square and thick to provide stability on spin maneuvers or temporary switch riding. Starting from the nose, the rails are aggressively dropped and are sharply foiled – this helps the board dig into the turns and get more energy out of them while remaining stable.

The centre of the board is generously thick to add buoyancy. On the top of the board, the standing surface is wide and flat, while at the bottom, the centre of the board has a gentle single concave feeding from the water displaced by the nose that runs through the rest of the board turning into a double concave as it moves into fins and tail.

The tail of the board is a unique double-diamond fish with dropped rails. It is meant to make the board turn fast and smooth. The board comes with a 4-fin Futures system, an excellent system with lots of variety in terms of fin selection.

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