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The Angler

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12″ x 32″ x 5″
12′ x 34″ x 5 1/2″

Our shapers and designers love to have fun – this is why we constantly challenge existing concepts and try to expand the reach and functionality of our boards.

The Angler was conceptualized by our shapers and after several attempts to get the right angle and location on all of its elements, we decided to bring our meanest, leanest fishing machine to the market.

In the Angler, we have created a board that is incredibly directional, stable, fast and comfortable. We incorporated a 5-fin Futures system, the best in its class, in order to give the paddler the control he or she needs when approaching those tough spots to cast out. Fishing is about being first, being right and being patient – and although we cannot guarantee you will have all the patience you need with such a fast and fun board at your feet, we guarantee you will get there in the quietest way and with the most style.

Watch out fish… the Angler is here!

Tuga is proud to present an industry first in Canada.

The Angler is every fisherman’s dream. Get near your spots more silently than ever and at one with nature.

The Hybrid Hull® pierces the water for greater glide and its double concave bottom give you the most stable ride. At 32” wide, it can remain stable even when reeling in a big one.

The Angler comes standard with our Proprietary Paddle Bungee® and can be accessorized with a cooler, fishing stand, and and anchor.

Get ready to fish like never before!

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