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The Perfect 10

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The Perfect 10

10″ x 34″ x 4 7/8″

Hey there! I’m the Perfect 10.  I’m 10’ Tall x 34” Wide x 4 7/8” Thick!

Stability? I’ve got you! I am the most stable board in our lineup. My versatility allows me to do flat water touring, exercise routines, fishing, and I ride like a high-performance longboard in the surf! My extra width allows me to support paddlers of all sizes without compromising performance.

My 10’ length make me easier to transport and carry around. My extra width results in incredible stability – my length x width combination reaches a perfect equilibrium that makes  me very maneuverable – that is why I am a great choice for a one-size-fits-all board, perfect for board rentals or lessons!

I have a concave nose for early planning which allows for great trekking despite my extra width. My turned down high-performance rails allows you to take steeper turns. My widest spot is close to the center of the center. This gives you, the paddler, a sweet spot slightly behind my center – from which you can bottom turn, climb and drop while maintaining maximum trim. (Trimming the board is matching the flat bottom of the board to the angle of the wave surface that is passing beneath your feet.)

I welcome you to explore the rest of the tabs and this page to learn everything about me!

This board Includes:

  • Tracktion Pad
  • Air Vent Valve
  • Carbon Fibre Rail Reinforcements
  • Built-in handle

Its design is aimed at paddlers that look for added stability without sacrificing trekking or glide. We wanted to make a board that could do almost anything and support almost anyone. It is a perfect board to learn on.

Its stability is perfect for flat water paddling and workouts such as SUP Yoga, SUP Pilates and fishing. The board turns sharply and responds quickly in the surf. You can do virtually anything on this board!

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