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Tuga Air

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If you have any questions about our boards, don’t be shy, send us an email! Simply click on the mail icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. We will get back to you within minutes!

12′ x 31″ x 6″

Pumped… that’s how we feel about introducing our new Tuga AIR line of inflatable paddleboards.

As with all of our shapes and designs, we didn’t just want to just make “one more” inflatable, we want to make the best inflatables yet. We embarked on this journey 14 months ago and after many, many product development iterations we have created what we believe to be some of the best inflatable boards in the market.

Ride with confidence.- At Tuga we’ve got you covered. To prove our commitment to quality and durability we are introducing the most competitive inflatable warranty program in the market. The Tuga Ride-by-my-Side warranty will cover your board for any manufacturing or structural defects for 2 years. No questions asked.

If you are new to inflatable SUPs, you will soon learn that two of the best parameters to ascertain an inflatable boards’ quality are the boards’ thickness and the maximum pressure that it can be inflated up to. Our boards can be inflated to 25 PSI and have 6″ thickness – highest PSI and thickness in the industry – this is possible because we use ‘double-wall’ rail technology.

Read all about what makes this board unique in the Shaper Notes section be.


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The Tuga AIR TOUR comes in two (2) different color options White/Grey and Camo/Grey. The board shape was conceptualized at 12′ Long x 31″ Wide x 6″ Thick. We opted for 6″ thickness because it adds more volume and buoyancy to the board. It allows you to manage more weight comfortably and we wanted this board to be able to handle extra passengers or cargo smoothly.

The width has been optimized for touring at 31″ wide. The board will be able to pick up speed using less strokes as the nose of the board cuts the water cleanly and the narrower width produces less resistance and drag.

Our Tuga AIR TOUR can be inflated to 25 PSI, making it one of the most rigid boards in the market and far surpassing the PSI and quality of entry level boards found at big box retailers. We recommend inflating to 22.5 PSI in order to allow for potential changes in pressure due to sunlight, humidity or heat.

Our board design carefully balances the boards’ thickness and its rigidity when fully pumped. It uses the natural weight of the paddler to create the perfect rocker to cruise in flat water and light surf. The high rocker will help you stay stable even in choppy conditions.

And our warranty will help you sleep at night knowing we’ve got your back! We are so sure of the quality of our products that we offer the most competitive warranty in the market – 2 years on manufacturing defects.


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