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Tuga Air

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10’6″ x 32″ x 6″

Pumped… that’s how we feel about introducing the brand new Tuga AIR.

As with all of our shapes and designs, we don’t just want to just make “one more” inflatable, we want to make the best inflatable yet. We embarked on this journey 14 months ago and after many, many product development iterations we have created what we believe to be one of the best inflatable boards in the market.

Ride with confidence.- At Tuga we’ve got you covered. To prove our commitment to quality and durability we are introducing the most competitive inflatable warranty program in the market. The Tuga Ride-by-my-Side warranty will cover your board for any manufacturing or structural defects for 14 months. No questions asked.

But enough about our philosophy or warranty, let’s talk about the shape and performance of our brand new AIR.

The AIR was conceptualized at 10’6” long by 32” wide and 6” thick. If you are new to inflatable SUPs, you will soon realize that one of the key indicators of quality and performance is the thickness of your board. As the thickness of an inflatable increases it becomes more stable, it glides better and it can withstand more weight.

Our board design carefully balances the boards’ thickness, its rigidity when fully pumped, and the natural weight of the paddler to create the perfect rocker to cruise in flat water and light surf. Its thickness and buoyancy will keep you stable even in choppy conditions. And our warranty will help you sleep at night knowing we’ve got your back!


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Shaping an inflatable SUP that meets our performance standards was no easy task. However, our team of designers and engineers worked tirelessly through product iterations until we created a board that not only met our strict guidelines but it passed with flying colours.

But we didn’t stop there.

We wanted every part of the AIR to be performance-driven and unique, so we aimed at making our carrying bag more comfortable and ergonomic, and we also went back to the drawing board to make a 2-piece fibreglass paddle that was lighter and stronger. A comfortable air pump to help you reach the high PSI that gives the Tuga AIR its unmatched rigidity.

Rest assured knowing that our Tuga AIR has been thoughtfully crafted so that you can buy and ride with the comfort and trust you have come accustomed to from our fibreglass boards

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