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10’6″ x 32″ x 4 3/8″

Hey there! I’m the Viber. I’m 10’6” Tall x 32” Wide x 4 3/8” Thick.

At 10’6” in length, I am an agile board for all paddlers! I was designed with the goal of being an ideal board for newcomers to paddle boarding and a board that can be used by the entire family regardless of weight, skill level and water conditions. And, like my surfboard sisteres, I am incredibly resistant and enduring!

My 32” in width will provide exceptional stability for any paddler. I can carry up to 220 pounds of load, allowing the paddler to invite a small child to ride along, or to carry picnic or fishing supplies on me. My extra width will make a huge difference when you are trying to paddle out on choppy days.

To improve my tracking and glide, I was given a 2+1 fin set-up (one 7.5” Long Fin and two (2) FCS G5 side fins. This helps me track on a straight line in flat water.

I welcome you to explore the rest of the tabs and this page to learn everything about me!

This board Includes:

  • Tracktion Pad
  • Air Vent Valve
  • Carbon Fibre Rail Reinforcements
  • Built-in handle

This is a great all-around board. Its shorter size (10’6”) makes it easier to handle and transport – which makes it great for women and little ones.

It has just enough rocker to cut through the water and create a smooth and easy glide in most conditions. It is also super fun in small surf.

It is a great board to do any workout you wish! It will withstand any SUP Yoga class, SUPilates, or any other activity that would require a wider or larger board.

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